This page it's not finished! We're still working on it!


Lineage 2 Dark Angel uses the Epilogue version of Lineage 2.

Please, see our server as an unique experience, you can take our rates as an example... Our EXP rate is 1x, but you start at level 80, creating something like a Low Rate server with a High Rate server for more deep information just try our server ;D


Server General Information

EXP: 1x
( You start at level 80 ) 
  Party EXP: 1.5x
Items Drop: 1x
Items Spoil: 1x
Safe Enchant: +6
Max. Enchant: +20

Enchant Rate: 66% (2/3)
Normal Enchant - It's not Safe 
Blessed Enchant - It's safe


Systems that are Activated or Disabled

Geodata: Activated
Account Auto Create: Activated
Champion Mobs: Activated ( 1% of chance )
Weight Limit: Disabled
Command Channel: Activated
Auto Learn Skills: Activated
Skill Enchantment: Activated
Auto Loot: Activated
Auto Loot for Raidbosses: Disabled
PK Drop: Activated
Buffs Duration: 2 hours
Weeding System : Activated
Olympiad : Activated ( With 3v3 Matches )
Mail System: Activated
Recommendations System: Activated
Party Finding System: Activated
Subclass Without Quest: Activated


NPCs - Gludin Town

Blue Star
Gatekeeper ( a.k.a Luxury Gatekeeper )

Purple Star
Elisabet ( a.k.a NPC Buffer )

Orange Star
Mr. Cat ( a.k.a Class Changer )

Green Star
Maximillian ( a.k.a Sub-Class Master )

Red Star
Merchant ( a.k.a GM Shop )

Number 1
Dimensional Merchant ( a.k.a Farm Shop )
Candice ( a.k.a Foudation Shop )
Pepper ( a.k.a Symbol Maker )

Number 2

Caradine ( a.k.a Nobless Quest )
Casian ( a.k.a Hellbound Quest )
Galate ( a.k.a Hellbound Quest )
Warpgate ( a.k.a Hellbound Teleport )

Number 3

Fighter's Start Area, Nothing Special.

Number 4

Mage's Start Area, Nothing Special

Number 5 

Eva ( a.k.a Wedding Priest )
Miss Queen ( a.k.a Class Changer )

Number 6

Yang ( a.k.a Attribute Master )
Auctioneer ( a.k.a Clan Hall Seller )

PS: We have an system option that allow you to become the next class as a Normal Lineage 2 tip. It's like a tutorial window but when you click you can choose your class, It will appear when you reach the level for the next class { 76 }.



4 custom grades above S grade.

Poison Skills Killing Targets.

Buffs don't dissapear after death.

Spoil System working with Farmer Zones.

New Skills are added as you level up, An example is the Dark Panter Summon skill for Dark Avangers, The Panter becomes stronger at level 82.

Some classes have been several modified, such as Blade Dancers and Sword Singers, normally they're not too good at PvP as other classes, but we gave to them new skills and changed old ones making them new classes to play, totally different from retail or other servers.

All Raid Bosses have been modified. Most of them are level 80, probably they're not going to drop any advanced item. You can find the list of Raid Bosses that have been specially modified with good dropping items and increased power by clicking here.

You can see all monster's Status and drop informations by targeting it while holding Left Shift.

All races have 250 slots of inventory.

Death Penality doesn't exist in our server.

Magical Failures are possible.

Skills don't use MP, Only the Healer Classes uses MP, this is to prevent some Healing Abuses.

Potions and other Consumables don't consume itself on use, If you have only one Potion and you use it, You will continue with that Potion even after it's effect is activated.

More Info is Coming Soon!